Staying Active in Ottawa

Physical activity is the best thing you can do for your health!

 New to physical activity?

Here are some tips for you to add more physical activity into your life:

  • Start small - Change is hard, so start with something you already do! Walking is a great start, so try to incorporate more into your day!
  • You do not need to be an athlete or have access to a personal trainer to get more physical activity. Pick something you enjoy such as dancing in front of a mirror, or connecting with a friend while you walk.
  • Moving is free - there is no need to sign a contract or pay an initiation fee.  Our bodies were designed to move! Get off the bus one stop earlier or take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Try to move more every day.
 Looking for new ways to be active?
  • Need motivation do to move more? Try an app - some apps pay to play! 
  • Learn a new skill or sport!  Did you enjoy running cross country in grade 8 or playing soccer in grade 9r? Does the 3m spring board look like fun on TV? Check out the City's Recreations Guide to find hundreds of activities to try!
  • Feeling tired at work or school? Kick the 'sit' out of your day! Breaking up sitting time with standing helps you to be more productive and improves the quality of your work!
  • Add movement to your commute! 
 Get rewarded

Need a little more motivation to get moving? Whether you walk, bike or shovel snow, you can earn reward points, money, or donate to your favourite charity. The following are examples of some popular apps that are on the market today!

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