Building Social Connections

 What are social connections?

Social connections are the relationships we have with the people around us. The relationships we have at school, work, in leisure and at home affect our physical and mental health. Good social connections help build our resilience, improve our physical and mental health and help us cope with the stresses of life.

 How to build stronger connections:


It is important to spend quality time with the people in your life who matter the most to you. Schedule or plan times when you can connect in person with these people.


Getting involved and sharing experiences makes us feel like we belong and gives us the chance to meet new people while having fun. Join a group with people who share a common interest or volunteer at a community event in your neighbourhood. 

Reach out

There are times when we need extra help. When you are having a tough time, reach out for support. Try to accept help when someone offers it to you and think of ways you can help others.

Calling a friend or speaking to a trusted person can help you cope with difficulties and gives you a chance to share and learn from others.  Speak to your health care professional if you need more help.


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