If I See Bullying Happening


How to respond
  • Tell the person bullying that it is not ok
  • Report it to a parent, teacher, or adult that you trust
  • Remember that standing by and watching does not help
 How to Report
  1. Tell a parent, teacher, or adults that you trust.
  2. Give them as many details as you can.
  3. Bring in evidence, if you have them, like text messages and emails.
  4. Ask them what will happen next.
  5. If this does not help, try telling somebody else.
 How to get support:

Talking to Adults about Bullying

When talking to an adult about bullying try to:

  • Talk to someone you trust like a parent, teacher, or coach
  • Give them as much detail as you can

Safety Plan

A safety plan is an individual and personalized, practical plan that can help you avoid dangerous situations. It will help you know the best way to react when you are in danger.

Creating a Safety Plan

  • Know who you will check-in with and when
  • Know safe places
  • Know safe people

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