Responsible Drinking

Tips to Drink Responsibly

 Keep track of how much you are drinking. 

  • Know your limits. You should never exceed the daily and weekly limits outlined in Canada's Low Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines. 
  • Stay hydrated. Have water, juice or a soft drink in between your drinks. Having a glass of water for every glass of alcohol you drink can help ensure that you are staying hydrated.
  • Plan for a safe way home. Drinking and driving do not mix and is punishable by law. An impaired driving offense can affect your potential for jobs and competitive academic opportunities. For more information, check out what the police have to say.
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with prescription and recreational drugs or energy drinks. Alcohol and drugs are made of many different chemicals and you can get very sick if you combine the two. The same goes for energy drinks.
  • Trust your gut. If you feel like something is wrong, you are not comfortable with how the night is unfolding, or you are worried something bad is going to happen, just call it a night and plan a safe ride home
  • It is ok to say no. 

Standard Drinks

Women should have no more than 10 drinks a week, and no more than 2 drinks a day. Men should have no more than 15 drinks a week, and no more than 3 drinks a day. These gender differences occur for several reasons: on average females weigh less than males, females have less water in their bodies than males do and females digest alcohol differently than males. Use this tool to calculate what's in your glass.

Drinking socially? Check out this link to see how your drink compares when you pour it into a red solo cup. 

Here is a diagram about how different types of drinks equal a standard drink: 


341 ml (12 oz.)
4-5% alcohol


beer bottle

Mixed Drink

43 ml (1.5 oz.)
40% alcohol
vodka, rum, etc. 


mixed drink

Fortified Wine

85 ml (3 oz.)
16-18% alcohol


fortified wine


142 ml (5oz.)
10-12% alcohol


wine in glass


43 ml (1.5 oz.)
40% alcohol
vodka, rum, etc. 


shot glass


341 ml (12 oz.)
4-5% alcohol


alcoholic cooler

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