Take Action

You've now got facts and stats about vaping, but what can you do with it? You may feel inspired to make a positive impact in your school, community, or familyMaybe you are making a decision to not use vapes and to encourage your friends to do the same. There's so much you can do to spark a change. Doing at least one action is enough to make a difference. Remember, it only takes a spark to start a fire!

Now, what can I do about it?

You are the first step in making any real change. How can you lead and be a positive example? Here are some tips on how you can take action:


  • Research the topic by getting the facts from credible sources.
  • Learn the rules and regulations already in place. 
  • Learn about everyone involved in the issue. What groups are already taking action? Who can help you? Who are the decision makers? Who will be affected by the change you are hoping to accomplish?


  • Learn about both sides of the issue, and be respectful of other people’s opinions.
  • Discover who your allies are. This helps build meaningful partnerships. This may allow you to pool resources together.
  • Spread awareness about the issue and its effects. This is your chance to #SpreadTheFacts and not the vapour.
  • Have a set goal and a clear message. This will help you create change. When you go to develop a message, ask yourself these questions:
    1. What is the issue?
    2. What do you want changed?
    3. What might happen if it doesn’t get changed?
    4. What can you ask others to do about it?
  • Come up with creative ways to get attention. Think about who you are targeting with your message and the best way to connect with them. Some creative ways to do that include:
    • Speaking with your school principal to organize a flash mob.
    • Sharing our memes or making some of your own to stick it to the vape industry.
    • Hosting a vape and smoke-free movie night with popcorn, snacks, drinks, and comfy sofas while drawing people's attention to vaping and smoking in movies


  • Call out the industry on social media when you see shady marketing tactics targeted towards you or your friends.
  • Connect with the peer-to-peer group in your school. If there isn't one, then talk to your school public health nurse about starting one.
  • Use a Call to Action when talking about the issue. A call to action is what you want people to do. It is what is going to help create change. You can use our Call to Action "If You Don't Smoke, then Don't Vape!" 
  • Write an announcement for your school to be read in the morning that focuses on exposing the vape industry.

Know Your Resources

  • Do you or a friend want to beat that addiction to nicotine? You can get access to the support, tools, and resources you need by visiting breakitoff.ca.
  • There are so many myths that get thrown around about vaping, but how can you find the facts? Vepidemic has got you covered with the truth.
  • Want a reality check on the flavours in vapes? Then check out & share the Chuggin' On Clouds video from our friends at thetruth

Where Do I Start?

Advocate like a Boss and join our #BlowThemAway social media campaign. You can make others laugh and get your friends talking about the truth when it comes to vaping by liking and sharing our memes and other social media content from our FacebookTwitterInstagram.

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