The Law and Vaping

Where you can’t vape:

It is important to know where you can't vape! You definitely want to avoid any fines and be mindful of others. You cannot smoke or vape in any closed off work space or any closed off public place. You also cannot smoke or vape in places labelled as smoke-free and vape-free.

Here is a basic list of locations where you cannot vape;

  • Enclosed public places, such as inside businesses, hospitals, restaurants, and apartment building hallways
  • Schools and school grounds
  • Enclosed workplaces
  • Common areas of buildings, such as hallways, laundry rooms, and entertainment rooms
  • University or college residences
  • Hospital grounds
  • Near child care centres
  • Restaurants, bars, and patios
  • On any City of Ottawa property

If you are still not sure if you can vape in a certain location, check out this link for a list of all the locations.


If you smoke or vape where it is prohibited, there is a $305 set fine. You can be charged with an offence and subject to a fine up to $1,000 for a first offence. Up to $5,000 for any further offence, if convicted.
Purchasing; being sold to minors:
It is against the law to give or sell vaping products to youth under the age of 19 in Ontario. The fine for supplying vapour products to someone under 19 is $490. 
Driving and vaping:
Keep your vision of the road in front of you clear. Keep your full attention on the road. It is also against the law to use an electronic cigarette if someone less than 16 years of age is in the vehicle.

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