The Vape Industry

You are the target for the vape industry! This industry tries to make itself look different from big tobacco, but they are very similar. The tobacco industry tries to infiltrate pop culture and make smoking seem cool. Their tactics include ads and celebrity endoresements. Look closely, you'll notice it a lot in movies, TV shows, and commercials. This is the same manipulative marketing that the vaping industry does with vapes! Vaping is seen all over the media, especially those popular smoke trick videos.They promote vapes as less harmful than regular tobacco cigarettes. Every cigarette company owns a piece of the vaping pie. That's big tobacco attempting to put on a new disguise. And it's working. By offering appealing flavours and making it look cool, the vaping industry knows how to get you hooked on its addictive and brain altering product. In this section, you'll learn how to take your health back into your hands!

Has the industry been targeting YOUth?

Fact: those who use vapes are 3 times as likely to start using tobacco cigarettes. It’s no surprise that big tobacco is all over vapes. They are making a lot of money. You can buy them online or receive free samples at events accessible by young people. This makes it easy to try. Exactly what the industry wants. The idea is to start getting you addicted to nicotine as soon as possible. This is a great way to get a life long customer. Who wins when you use this products? Don't become hooked by the industry; if you don't smoke, don't vape!

Why do people vape?

At first, we had e-cigarettes marketed to adult smokers as a way to help them quit smoking. Some people vape because they think it's safe. Others vape because they got a vape from a family member or friend! Just be careful, it is against the law to give or sell vapes to anyone under the age of 19. You can find out more about what the law says about vaping here. Some people vape because they think it's cool or because famous people on TV or in movies use them. They think everyone is vaping, but that's not the case. We have taken the time to break down that myth for you on our Myths section! Check it out and stay informed. E-juice flavours, like candy or fruit, entice young people. But before you get excited about flavours, ask yourself... do I know what's really in e-juice?

Each Vape is Different?

 The Vape Industry continues to innovate. They develop sleeker, more advanced vapes all the time. The industry needs to attract new users and keep current users hooked. Like tobacco, the main idea is nicotine delivery. The industry finds innovative ways to deliver nicotine to the brain. Have you seen a few different styles? We have broken down the 4 different types of vapes:

1st Generation: Cig-a-likes

e-cigarette that looks like a cigarette

In 2007, e-products looked and felt like a traditional tobacco cigarette. They were small, light, and mimicked all the design features of real cigarettes. The goal here was for people who use tobacco to switch to vapes.

2nd Generation: Vape Stick/Pen

Vape that looks like a pen

This generation looked like fancy pens. They were long, thin, stylised tubes. They came in a wide variety of colours, styles, and features. These vapes could be mistaken as writing tools. 

3rd Generation: Box Mods

Box mod vape device

A box mod is one of the most powerful types of vapes. Box mods differ from other vapes. They come with a larger battery that lasts longer than vape pens and small vapes. They are the more expensive variation of portable vapes. They get their name from their box-like shape. Box mods deliver an intense throat hit, which can result in throat pain. They allow someone who vapes to suck up more e-juice and thus more nicotine for the brain. Box mods are able to blow out bigger vapour clouds. A bigger vapour cloud means more dangerous chemicals and nicotine in the air.

4th Generation: Mods
 JUUL looking vaping device

 There are several names for this generation of vapes. Here are a few: pod systems, vape pods, pod vapes, and pod mods. A pod system you may have heard of is the JUUL. 1 pod can contain the same amount of nicotine as 20 cigarettes. More nicotine equals more addiction.

Don't be a target to the addiction industry; resist their manipulative marketing!

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