Want to Help Your Friend Quit?


  • Help your friend avoid situations where others are smoking
  • Do an activity together where there's no smoking involved
  • Be available for your friend and listen to them when they are frustrated or discouraged
  • Remember that quitting is hard work
  • Congratulate your friend often!
  • Encourage your friend to get help from a pharmacist, doctor or any health professional
  • Tell your friend you're happy they're quitting


  • Don't nag your friend or make them feel guilty
  • Don't put your friend down, it takes the average person who smokes more than one quit attempt to give up tobacco for good
  • Don't offer them cigarettes or smoke with them
  • Don't tell your friend what to do


  • Triggers of a social Smoker
  • Social Smoking is Smoking
    • Young people who smoke socially rarely see themselves as a person who smokes
    • The good news: it can be easier to quit smoking if you are a social smoker. That’s because you might only smoke in certain situations or have specific triggers that encourage your smoking

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