Thinking of Walking More

Looking to rediscover Ottawa? Give walking a try, you cover more ground than you think, in 30 minutes you can walk from the Rideau Centre to Parliament five times!

The 'pulse' of Ottawa is best experienced on foot and some areas are only accessible by walking. Here is a list of our Top 5: Underrated Walking Spots in Ottawa.

Slow down your life with a walk

In our high pace world, slowing down can help you feel good. Whether it is during your commute or in the middle a day, "walking away from stress" is an effective strategy to wind down. Like all type of physical activity, walking has been linked to alleviate anxiety, stress and depression.

Add steps by taking transit

Using transit may not be an obvious way to add physical activity into your life but it is a proven way to integrate more walking into your daily living. Consider beating crowds a campus stops and get off a stop earlier and add even more steps to your day. Take advantage of the many rebates that OC Transpo offers.

Be safe, be seen

Nighttime can be a great time to walk. Try to wear reflective clothing and stick to sidewalks when possible. Most university and colleges have Foot Patrol programs where volunteers help you get you where you need to go.

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