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My Day, My Time

Every minute of your day is incredibly important! Structuring your day is the best first step to becoming the healthiest you can be. It’s vital to lower the time you spend just chilling, and increase the time you spend moving and grooving. Start small and pick your favourite things to do. Getting active should be fun! Here are four ways to split up your day:

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Moderate to Vigorous Activity

It’s important to participate in sweat-producing physical activity for at least 60 minutes per day. This ranges from moderate to vigorous activities (running, competitive sports, dance, roller blading, and the list goes on!) The best place to be active is in the great outdoors! Go and pick your favourite sport, grab some friends or family, and get your blood pumping! A little challenge never hurt anybody, so see what you can accomplish in 60 minutes today! Check out the city of Ottawa website for the best outdoor recreation spots


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Light Physical Activity

Adding light physical activity to your day is also critical for a healthy lifestyle. This is so easy to incorporate into your day! Things as simple as walking to a farther bus stop, or getting off earlier and walking the rest of the way, participating in a yoga class, or going for a leisure bike ride are great ways to add light physical activity to your day. Make sure that the activities you pick last at least 10 minutes to maximize the health benefits! Even small steps count. Let's get stepping!

Check out the City of Ottawa’s Recreation guide for new ideas on how to get active! 

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Most of us love sleep, but some of us may not be getting the right amount of quality sleep. Getting between 8-10 hours of sleep every night is the key to feeling energized for tomorrow's activites. When your brain and body are well rested, you will have no trouble completing your tasks for the day to the best of your abilities. Having consistent bed and wake-up times to put your body on a healthy schedule is crucial. Avoid screen-time before bed, and allow yourself to really relax at least an hour before bed in order to have the best rest. Visit our sleep page for more tips on improving your sleep! 

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Inactive Behaviour

We know that after a long day, your go to strategy might be to just relax. Make sure you monitor how much time you spend sitting around. You should limit yourself to a maximum of 2 hours of inactive time each day. This includes activities such as watching TV, playing passive video games, or just sitting on the bus or train. THIS does not include time spent doing homework or any other form of productive work. There are many apps that you can download that track your screen-time, which will help you balance your active and sitting time. Be mindful of how much time you really spend on your electronics.

It is also possible that your inactive behaviour decreases the effects of your physical activity. Balance is key!


Let's Get Social

Where's your squad at? It's time to get them together. Being active is so much more fun when you are with people you like spending time with. Here are some ways to get your friends involved in being active together:

  • Sign up for team sports or activities together.

  • Use each other as accountability partners! No one knows you better than your best friends.

  • Create a work-out schedule together. It’s always easier to bounce ideas off someone else!

  • When planning to meet up, choose something that involves light physical activity such as a walk to the nearest corner store or theatre.

  • Start a maintenance team! With your friends, ask your neighbours if they need their lawns mowed or raked.

Staying active with your friends makes it so much more rewarding. Find a good group of friends and get your action plan started!

Looking to meet new people?

Reaching your goals is so much easier if you do it with like-minded people. Not sure where to find those people? New to town? Try signing up for intramurals at your school, or join a league in your community. You don't always need a team, you can also sign up individually! Getting out and volunteering at different locations, or joining clubs can help you meet other people with similar interests. 

The Great Outdoors

Nothing is better for your health than spending time outdoors. The more sunlight and fresh air you are exposed to, the better! Structure your day so that you can spend as much time as possible outside. It could be as simple as eating your lunch out on the field or in a park instead of in the cafeteria. Check out all the Parks and Green Spaces in Ottawa to pick out your new favourite spot! 

Need reasons to spend more time outside?

  • Sunlight increases your vitamin D levels (which are way more important than you may think).
  • Your brain will work better when you spend more time outdoors! (Don't forget your sunscreen!)
  • The sunlight and fresh air help you sleep better at night.
  • Spending time outside will help your body release more "happy hormones," putting you in a better mood. 
  • Fresh air and sunlight will help your immune system fight against certain coughs and colds.


Need to know more? Here's some information on how to get your health on its best track!

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