How to find #TheOne Beauty Professional for you

Beauty professionals are the hair stylists, estheticians, cosmetologists, body artists, barbers etc.. that we all rely on to bring out our beauty, and finding #TheOne can be difficult. It is a lot like dating when you think about it, they will be touching you, massaging you, and taking care of you and just like a "Bae" who you want to treat you in a respectful and safe way. 

Follow these 4 steps to make sure you find "the one" for you. 

1.Just Looking

Just like dating apps, you can check out the profile of potential prospects here. The salons found there get regularly checked by Public Health Inspectors (PHIs) and their reports are there for your creeping pleasure. 

2. Meeting Up

So you have swiped right and ready to meet up? Just like real dating, first impressions are important. Ask yourself when you first walk in:

  • How is the vibe? Does it look professional?
  • Are they welcoming?
  • How clean does the place look?
  • Did they wash their hands before greeting you?
  • Do they have one of these? 
    Ottawa Public Health Inspection Certificate

3. Dating

If the first date goes well it may be time to book another. Keep an eye on whether your beauty professional continues to clean and is safely taking care of themselves, you, and other customers. 

Once you are in a relationship, don't be afraid to call them out if they forget to clean... You can excuse a misstep here or there but when your Bae is showing signs of laziness, it maybe time to take some time apart. 

4. Breaking Up

You deserve to be treated with respect, and your beauty professional is responsible for providing safe services. Ultimately, it is your choice to stay or go.

If you are considering a break up check out: 7 signs that you should leave your beauty professional. 

Unlike online dating, Ottawa Public Health has pre-screened beauty professionals on your behalf. Share you concerns with your beauty professional, check out our reports, and if still you have doubts, don't be afraid to reach out to us. 

For information on specific beauty treatments check out: 

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