Manicure and Pedicure

 What to Look for and ask:
  • You have the right to ask the Personal Service Worker (PSW) to explain how they clean and disinfect their equipment before the service begins.
  • The business must have a sink with liquid soap and paper towels for the PSW to wash and dry their hands.
  • The PSW must wash their hands before they touch you.
  • Make sure the business does not reuse tools on you that were used on someone else without first cleaning and disinfecting them. All instruments used on you must be clean.
  • New equipment and supplies such as emery boards, nail files, wooden cuticle pushers, foam toe separators, pumice stones, buffing blocks, and towels must be used for each client.
  • Make sure the footbath has been cleaned and disinfected and that fresh water is used for each client.
 Safe Healing:
  • If the skin around your nails becomes painful, red, or inflamed after your manicure/pedicure, see a doctor.

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