How can I tell if I am a Bully?

How can I tell if I am a Bully?

Signs that you are a bully:

  • You get angry and use violence when you disagree with people
  • You don't care about other people's feelings
  • You are manipulative
  • You are bossy
  • You have taken somebody else's things
  • You have a short temper
  • You give in easily to peer pressure
  • Your friends are bullies
  • You have aggressive friends

How to respond:

  • Speak with a parent, teacher, or adult that you trust to help you stop bullying
  • Think about other ways that you could deal with fights
  • Think about how the person you are bullying feels
  • Remember that bullying others will not make you feel better
  • Say that you are sorry to the people that you have bullied
  • Stay busy with activities or sports

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