Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the value and respect we place on ourselves. It is about how we see ourselves as a whole person, not just how we view our body. Self-esteem is the opinion we have about all aspects of ourselves and it impacts how we take care of ourselves, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Self-esteem is more than just seeing our good qualities. It is being able to see all of our abilities and weaknesses together, accepting them, and doing the best we can with what we have. When we have good self-esteem, we don't put ourselves down when we make a mistake and we still feel like we are good enough even when we are dealing with difficult feelings or situations. Let's take a look at what having a positive self-esteem means.

You have good self-esteem if you:

  • Value yourself
  • Know that you deserve good care and respect from yourself and from others
  • Know that you are lovable, capable, and unique
  • Know your strengths and abilities and celebrate them
  • Have a positive outlook
  • Feel satisfied with yourself most of the time, it is normal to feel low sometimes
  • Sets realistic goals for yourself    

 On the other hand, you have a poor self-esteem if you:

  • Do not value yourself and put little value on your opinions and ideas
  • May constantly worry that you are not good enough
  • Focus on your perceived weaknesses and faults and gives very little credit to your skills and assets
  • Believe that others are more capable or successful
  • May be unable to accept compliments or positive feedback
  • May have fear of failure, which can hold you back from trying new things


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