FAQs about Pregnancy

FAQs about Pregnancy  

I think I'm pregnant! How can I find out?

If you have missed a period, or if your period is late, you can take a home pregnancy (urine) test to find out if you are pregnant. Inexpensive tests are often available at your local dollar store. Your health care provider and the City of Ottawa's Sexual Health Centre can provide free pregnancy testing and discuss options available to you. The very earliest a urine pregnancy test will be accurate is 2 weeks after sex.

Your period may be late for several other reasons. Some females have irregular cycles and do not have a period at the same time each month. Changes in body weight, stress levels or inadequate nutrition may also affect your period.

Can I get pregnant the first time I have vaginal sex?

You can't get pregnant through oral sex, or through masturbation. If you are fooling around with your partner and there is an opportunity for semen to enter the vagina, there is a chance that you can become pregnant. This may happen if a hand with semen (the fluid that comes out of an erect penis containing sperm) touches the opening to your vagina. If you want to make sure that you don't become pregnant, make sure you use a condom, or avoid having contact. 

How much does an abortion cost?

Your valid Ontario Health (OHIP) card fully covers you for this service. Other plans that cover this service include:

  • University Health Insurance Plans (UHIP)
  • Interim Federal Health (IFH)
  • Canadian Military Insurance (DND)

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